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princeton library

The diagram reveals two floor plans of Princeton School library; a plan from five years ago and an up-to-date plan.


The have been considerable changes to the library, most noticeably in an increase in student desk and study space.


Specifically, the book shelves that used to be in the south of the building have been removed and replaced with desks for student laptops and the number of study tables in the middle of the floor has been increased from four to six to make them more private for students.


Furthermore, five years ago at the west of the building, there was a classroom. This has been removed and the space is now used as a recording studio. The desk area for borrowing and returning books has also been split into two separate areas.  Finally, in the south-east corner of the floor, what was the library office has been converted into a conference room.


university sports centre

The two plans illustrate the design of a university sports centre, in the present and in the future.


The most noticeable change is that the sports centre will be expanded significantly in the future, with the addition of a number of new facilities, including a sports hall, leisure pool, dance studios, café and shop.


More specifically, while the central area of the complex (the pool, seating and changing room) will remain unchanged, the two outdoor courts will be removed. A large leisure pool will be added on the western side of the centre and a sports hall will be built on the right of the central pool. Two dance studios will be constructed on the eastern side of the complex.


Furthermore, the gym in the north of the sports centre is to be expanded and two changing rooms are to be constructed in the south-east and south-west corners of the complex. Finally, it is planned to build a sports shop to the left, and a café on the right of the main entrance.

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Sports centre.png
Sports Centre
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