Dogs are one of those 'love em or hate em' kind of things. Some people are literally terrified of them, while others, like myself, find it hard not to reach out and pat them.

I've had three dog companions over my life, Zoe, Jax and Buka. God bless them. They gave such loyal and affectionate love and devotion to me and my family.


Watch and listen the video to learn about the history of dogs and try and answer the multiple choice questions. You can listen to the video as many times as you need.

1. All dog species come from

  1. Asia

  2. the gray wolf

  3. Indonesia

2. The gray wolf had

  1. a very good sense of smell

  2. a lot of competition

  3. many enemies

3. Gray wolves could attack larger animals

  1. because they were more dangerous

  2. because the worked in groups

  3. because larger animals were slow

4. The wolves that came close to humans camps

  1. were hungry

  2. were less aggressive

  3. were curious

5. Wolves were able to integrate with human families

  1. because they were easy to train

  2. because they had a similar social structure

  3. because they were afraid of humans

6. During the Victorian Era in England, the different types of dogs

  1. were ranked from dangerous to friendly

  2. were all breeded to be less dangerous to humans

  3. were classified as different breeds

7. Interactions between dogs and humans releases oxytocin, which

  1. is a chemical that creates a sense of belonging

  2. is a hormone related to feelings of love

  3. is a drug that enhances attraction

When you're ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below.


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