A famous Chinese chef

This is the fourth in a series of folk stories from around the world. Others include:

This is the story of Mai Linn, a chef in Chinatown in America who receives respect and fame for her fantastic cooking. Listen to the video and find out the name of Mai Linn's special dish.

Listen to the video again and complete the sentences with NO MORE than TWO WORDS from the listening.

  1. Every day of the year, Mail Lin cooked food in her _________.

  2. Mai Lin used only the ________ in her cooking.

  3. Mai Lin's father told all the people that his ________ did the cooking.

  4. Mai Lin went to the harbour to get ______ fish for the Governor's dish.

  5. When the Governor discovered the two sons were imposters, he said "bring me the _______.'

  6. Mai Lin told the Governor that he could not take the dish to ________.

  7. Mai Lin suggested that she and the Governor cook side _______ so the Governor could understand why he could not take the dish.

  8. From that day on, Mai Lin was famous as a great cook and a very ________.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below.


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