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Everything on the earth is cycling in occurrence, existence and disappearance. This is known as the life cycle; all creatures are cycling in birth, growth and death.

All creatures are growing day by day after birth. As time passes, our bodies and brains grow, and we achieve physical and psychological development. Then, we have become mature.

After the peak of maturity, physical growth and development start degenerating (declining) slightly due to nature. At this stage, our bodies can become sensitive and inflexible, and our brain will lose memory. The older the age, the more deteriorating our health and youthfulness. We cannot cover the physical deterioration (degeneration) for a long time.

Watch the interesting video clip and learn about ageing and identify the following information as True, False or Not Given.

1. The French woman, who died in 1997 is the oldest person over in the world.

2. Sunlight, pollution and our diet change the physical components of our bodies.

3. Scientists have discovered over 100 physical characteristics that contribute to aging.

4. When mitochondria stops functioning, this affects the brain.

5. A disease such as Alzheimer’s increases the speed of aging.

6. Stem cells are located in the blood stream.

7. Scientists have discovered most of the facts about aging and long life.

When you are ready, put your answers into the test sheet below.


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