Are face masks effective?

The coronavirus epidemic (= a widespread occurrence of an infectious disease ) is all over the news and so are pictures of people wearing face masks. In some places the supply of face masks has run out as more and more people are wanting to wear them to protect themselves.

But how effective are face masks in protecting you against the virus?

Find out by watching and listening to the very informative video below. When you have listened, complete the summary with the eight words below and then enter your answers in the test.

The coronavirus is causing many people to become ill in China and other 1__________. The coronavirus family is an 2___________ virus spread through the air and virus particles can only 3_______ about a metre. Public Health authorities are advising that face masks are not really 4__________. There are two 5_________ of masks available. The standard surgical face mask may help but they are not 6_______ and the N95 respirator mask is very difficult to 7 ___________. The best way to protect yourself is to always 8__________ your hands.


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