Be ACTIVE or you will be DELETED

An added bonus (= extra benefit) of creating the tests and exercise that you can do on here is that I get a record of who is doing the reading, listening and vocabulary tasks.

So, over time, I get to know those members who are actively using their English language skills and I also know which members are not being active.

Jayzuubar is for students who are brave; who are not afraid to try. Students who are active. Students who are okay making mistakes, getting feedback, who are willing to learn, do, develop and improve.

So, for any members here who are NOT active (who do not complete reading, listening, writing or vocabulary activities) for an extended period of time, you will be DELETED.

Your English will not improve just by being a member.

Your English will improve by doing exercises, tests and activities.

Make a New Year resolution!

Be active. In. All. Four. Skills.

To those of you who are being active - you are AWESOME. Remember, it is not your score than matters - your score will not improve your English. What is important is that you did it, you used your English and you used your brain and so a person who scores 40% can get as much benefit as a person who scores 90%.

Below is a table of results over three days (12-15 December) for the 'Exams are stressful' reading. You will see that everyone scored between 40% and 90% and that the average score is 58.8%. For me, that is perfect. Nobody is finding the exercise too easy and nobody is finding the exercise too difficult. Everybody is learning and developing their skills.

So, thank you ALL so much for participating. KEEP GOING.

If you KEEP being active on here, I will keep creating readings, listenings and writing for you to do, and hopefully, some time in 2020, I will also start doing some SPEAKING with you.


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