Bogyoke’s Home

General Aung San's home in Yangon is now a museum dedicated to preserving the memory of General Aung San and his family life as well as the nation's struggle for independence.

Read the short answer questions below and identify the keywords, predict the answers needed (e.g. time, thing, place, reason) then read the article about Bogyoke's home and answer the questions.

Answer the questions with NO MORE than THREE WORDS from the text.

  1. How long did General Aung San reside in the house?

  2. What is the architectural design of the house?

  3. What was the purpose of the committee that bought the house?

  4. How often did the General spend time in the garden at the house?

  5. What followed on from the Aung San-Attlee Agreement of January 1947?

  6. What event caused Daw Khin Kyi to move from the house?

  7. What was done to the house prior to it opening as a museum in 1960?

When you are ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below.


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