Botataung Pagoda

The Botataung Pagoda is a famous pagoda located in downtown Yangon, near the Yangon river. The pagoda was first built by the Mon around the same time as was Shwedagon Pagoda—according to local belief, over 2500 years ago, and was known as Kyaik-de-att in Mon language.


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  1. Botataung township derives its name from the pagoda.

  2. The reasons for the initial construction of the Botataung temple are unclear.

  3. A Myanmar king commissioned Botataung Pagoda to contain Buddha's hairs.

  4. Botataung Pagoda was totally demolished due to bombing in the second World War.

  5. In 1954, Botataung Pagoda was restored to it's original condition.

  6. The interior of the pagoda is typical of pagoda design in Myanmar.

  7. Most of the people who visit the pagoda arrive by ferry.

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