Buddha and the mustard seeds

This is one of the most well known stories of the Buddha and how he was able to help a suffering woman understand the inevitability (= certainty) of death. Watch and listen to the video. In the story, the TEN words or phrases in bold below are used.

Listen and try and understand the meaning of these words and phrases and then enter your details in the test form below and complete the 10 reading / vocabulary questions.

  1. She was in great despair

  2. He is so compassionate

  3. He may revive him

  4. You will have to fulfill one condition

  5. She could not see the point

  6. The woman came to her senses

  7. Initiate me into your path

  8. the eternal life

  9. It is just the circle of life

  10. Understanding this may seem beyond us


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