Car Safety Features

Nearly every car on the road today has safety features that can help drivers (and passengers) be safer. Many of these new safety features are not yet standardized (= made normal for all) and many drivers may not even realize what safety features their car has! However, due to advanced technology, cars can now do some amazing things to make sure the driver stays safe.

Watch and listen to the video and note the THREE safety features reviewed in the video.

  1. Read the notes below and identify keywords to help you keep track in the listening.

  2. Then watch and listen again and complete the notes with ONE WORD or A NUMBER from the video.

Safety Feature 1: Forward Collision (1)______

  • If the driver is distracted , the car has automatic (2)________braking

  • There is an audible tone or beep - let's driver know something ahead is going slow

  • The car has radars and (3)______ that sense objects on the road

  • And stops the car for the driver

Safety Feature 2: (4)_______ Cameras

  • All new cars are equipped with rearview cameras

  • Hopefully will reduce backover accidents

  • (5)_____ people killed and 18,000 injured in backover accidents each year

Safety Feature 3: Electronic Stability (5)________

  • A number of sensors apply brakes to keep the car under control

Marta Tellado interview

  • Lot of work need to inform consumers about safety features

  • 37000 people die every year in (6)_______ accidents

  • Backup cameras give you extra (7)_______ when backing up

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below


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