Chin Lone

Every country has their 'national' game. In New Zealand, where I come from, the national game is rugby. In Myanmar, the national game is chin lone.

But sport is not just about the people who play it. Sport also involves spectators and fans and also administrators (= people who organise and manage the sport).

Unfortunately, the administration of chin lone in Myanmar has become a little complicated lately. Read the article about the problems in chin lone and find the vocabulary below. Try and understand the meaning of the words from the context of the article.

  • millstone (idiom) paragraph 1

  • rivals (n) paragraph 3

  • friction (n) paragraph 5

  • cooperate (v) paragraph 6

  • boosted (v) paragraph 7

  • tarnished (v) paragraph 7

  • hampered (v) paragraph 8

  • cultivated (v) paragraph 10

  • deadlock (n) paragraph 14

When you are ready, match the vocabulary with their meanings in the sheet below.


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