China's MASSIVE new airport

China is in an expansionist (= growth / getting bigger) phase. It is expanding out into teh world through its Belt & Road Initiative and it is also expanding internally. While Chins has always has the world's longest wall, recently it has also build the world's longest bridge and the world's biggest dam.

Now, it has recently completed the world's biggest airport. Daxing airport near Beijing is a massive superstructure with a futuristic design.

Read the NINE questions below, identify the keywords and the watch the video.

  1. When were plans for the new airport initially proposed?

  2. Where is the airport located?

  3. Where do the trains pass the terminal?

  4. When did construction of the main terminal finish?

  5. How many floors does the terminal have?

  6. How big is the roof window?

  7. How are the air traffic control systems described?

  8. How many flight departures and arrivals will occur at the airport?

  9. What will Daxing airport be for China and the world.

Now, watch the video and answer the questions with NO MORE than TWO WORDS or a NUMBER from the listening.

When you are watched the video and have the answers, enter your details below to complete the test


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