Nowadays, most people like commenting on things and other people. This is encouraged on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and You Tube. Comments can be divided by two categories, constructive comment and unconstructive comment. Constructive comments can provide good advice and encouragement, and these enhance motivation and self-confidence. Unconstructive comments can create only problems.

Sometimes, we write comments on posts without knowing the complete and accurate situation. What we can notice is that these comments can express what is on our inside. Since, we need to spend some of our valuable time to write a comment, it should be beneficial for other people as well as ourselves.

This poem comes out of comments made about me, by some of my friends. Some friends have given constructive comments about me because they feel happy in their communication with me. However, others have made non-constructive comments about me because, I think, they are disappointed with my equanimity (= state of emotional stability and composure).

Different comments

I am stony heart, named by some friends

I have no feelings, no tears, no love and no heart

I walk, I eat, I sleep, and I laugh as a sense of human

I have no friends, no relatives and no one I love

These are the comments of some friends

Why, why, why do they see me this way?

Because I try to give equal chances to all people

Because I never cry when people trouble me

Because I try to forget awful things

On the other hand,

I am nurse, named by some friends

I have kindness, community spirit, faith and empathy

I serve, I love, I try, and I smile through my heart

I have lovely friends, colleagues and family

These are the comments of some fiends

Why, why, why do they see me this way?

Because I take time caring for people

Because I avoid making trouble for others

Because I try to my surroundings better

I do believe I’m not wrong

Everyone who observes my heart can see my reality

I am smiling whatever. . . . . .

I am happy wherever. . . . . .

I am living however. . . . . .


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