IELTS adverbs

Adverbs can be tricky. Making sure you use them correctly and putting them in the right place in a sentence. But, if you can add an appropriate adverb to your sentence it can make a difference to your Speaking or Writing grade.

Below are eight common adverbs. Match them to one of the eight adverbs in the list with a similar meaning:

steadily /dramatically / relatively / deliberately

definitely / independently / especially / luckily

  1. particularly

  2. significantly

  3. comparatively

  4. fortunately

  5. intentionally

  6. certainly

  7. freely

  8. gradually

Now, use one of each pair to fill the gaps in the article below.

  1. Compared to many developed countries, Myanmar families are _____traditional.

  2. It is very unusual that children _______ hurt or harm their parents.

  3. The percentage of married women working has increased _________ from 10% to 60% in the last five years.

  4. In New Zealand, children start to live _______ of their parents when they are in their late teens.

  5. I heard on the news that there is ________ going to be a storm tomorrow, so be prepared.

  6. _________ , I don't have to go to work tomorrow, so I will be safe from the storm.

  7. It is very common for children, _________ boys, to leave home and travel abroad when they are teenagers.

  8. It has taken a long time, but change has been happening slowly and __________.

Enter your answers in the sheet below:


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