Communication habits

2020 was the year of the covid-19 pandemic and lockdowns. Most people, all over the world, were unable to travel to visit their family and friends. People began communicating online, using all types of different apps and platforms to stay in touch with their loved ones.

Listen to five people living in Myanmar talk about their communication habits. Which speaker (1-5):

(a) enjoyed eating and drinking while they contacted people online

(b) recently used an app again after they had stopped using it

(c) uses a variety of apps to contact their academic supervisors

(d) communicates online with a foreigner they met while travelling

(e) does not like using a keyboard

(f) becomes tired when talking on the phone

(g) regularly joins an online group to maintain contact with her friends

Listen again and identify the five phrasal verbs used by the speakers.

a) catch ___ with

b) stay in ____with

c) lose ___ with

d) get in ____ with

e) track ____

Match the five phrasal verbs with their meanings:

  1. maintain contact with

  2. look for and find (someone)

  3. contact (someone) and share recent experiences

  4. stop being in contact with

  5. make contact with (someone)

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below:


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