Culture shock

When we travel to another country, especially a country far away from our own, we will probably experience 'culture shock'. Culture shock is the surprise we experience at the differences in the culture of the native people of the country.

Watch this really interesting video made by Asian students in the USA and identify the areas of culture shock they discuss.

Listen to the video again and complete the notes below with NO MORE than TWO WORDS or A NUMBER

Tip: Use your knowledge of comparatives grammar to answer two of the questions

  • Greetings People usually shake hands, sometimes they offer a (1) ____ 'How are you?' is just a simple greeting


  • When ordering food, big means (2)______

  • Popcorn is not sweet, but (3)_____

  • In restaurants, tipping is expected

  • Prices for Chinese cooking ingredients is much (4)_____ in China

University life

  • People don't use (5)_______, but wear windbreakers

  • You need to be involved in class and participate in discussions

  • Americans tend to dress more (6)______ Chinese

Social life

  • American students like to party on campus

  • Drinking is illegal in US under (7) _____


  • Americans do not drink (8)_______

  • Americans do not usually take pictures of food

  • Holding hands is a sign that you are (9)______

  • Freshman 15 refers to gaining weight due to eating unhealthy food

Contracts and Services

  • Be very clear with customer services on the phone

  • Be open, talk to people and don't be (10)_____

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below


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