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Daung, is the rising star of Myanmar entertainment and is rapidly becoming one of Myanmar's most well-known male celebrities. He is not only the star of the international award-winning film, The Only Mom, but also a poet, a former professional footballer, an artist, and a talented musician.

Read the eight statements and identify the keywords. Then read the abridged (= shortened) article below to decide whether the statements are True, False or Not Given.

  1. 'The Only Mom' was made in Singapore.

  2. Daung won an award for his role in 'The Only Mom'.

  3. The Myanmar film industry has recently been attracting international attention.

  4. 'Daung' is not the actor's birth name.

  5. Many people often compare Daung to Leonardo DiCaprio.

  6. The film, 'Confessions of a Woman' has caused some public disagreement.

  7. In the film, Confessions of a Woman, Daung plays a man who dislikes women.

  8. Daung was interested in politics at university.


While undoubtedly good-looking, Daung is not just a pretty face, he has depth of character and creativity. Daung brings a refreshing intelligence and conscientiousness to the celebrity role. He reiterates constantly that his end goal is to make work with a social impact – certainly a convincing mascot for the generation of more radical and free spirited Burmese artists and celebrities who are rapidly finding their voices.

Daung's position as Myanmar’s hot new cinematic property was cemented in his lead role in 'The Only Mom' – a domestically produced horror movie that was met with acclaim with audiences across South East Asia. The female lead – and frequent counterpoint to Daung’s male roles – actress superstar, Wutt Hmone Shwe Yee, was invited to host the Singapore based Asian Academy Creative Awards awards. At the awards, eleven year old Myanmar actress, Pyae Pyae, won the award for Best Supporting Actress. Overall, an understated yet gigantic achievement for the Myanmar film industry that has long struggled to garner attention overseas.

Born in Minhla township, Bago region, Daung grew up in Mandalay and excelled at music and sport at high school. He played football briefly for the Mawlamyine based Southern Myanmar FC before signing up with the Yangon based media production company, Satori. It was while he was at Satori that he took the name 'Daung'.

The young Daung is sometimes compared to the venerable U Kyaw Thu. In 2017, the two male leads finally worked together on Myanmar’s most watched television drama of all time, MRTV-4’s Bagan Myo Thu (Bagan Girl). Daung however likes to compare himself to

Leonardo Di Caprio, Hollywood’s most lauded pretty-boy and social activist. Daung says: “A lot of my acting is self taught. At Satori, when I studied by myself, the actors whose films I watched the most were Di Caprio and Tom Hanks. I must have watched all their masterpieces ten times over to observe their character development.”

The star’s most recent work is the controversial 'Confession of a Woman' – a cinematic critique of marital relations based on the classic book by Myanmar’s leading feminist author, Juu. Assuming the persona of Yu Maw, a manipulative workaholic and misogynist, Daung had his reservations before finally signing on to the film, declining it before reexamining the message that he could convey by playing this controversial role.

The film has been met by a raft of discussion, praise, and criticism, something that pleases the actor. “I believe that as an actor I have a responsibility to influence the public towards positive changes. I have been involved in politics even before I was an actor, and this is something that I have dedicated myself to in interviews and work my whole career. My roles try and persuade citizens to get involved in making better decisions and changes for themselves and for our country.”

You can read the full article at Myanmore

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