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Deadly lightning strikes in Myanmar

A couple, who were the caretakers of the cable car at the Mount Zwekabin resort near Hpa-an in Kayin state, were recently found dead after being struck by lightning. Monks and workers who live on the mountain said there had been a thunderstorm on the night before. Lightning strikes are common in Myanmar during the rainy season and are considered as dangerous as floods and landslides.

According to the Disaster Management Department, lightning strikes killed 62 people and injured 26 in Myanmar between January and May 2020. To be safe, people should remain indoors during thunderstorms and switch off electrical appliances, such as televisions and mobile phones. In 2019, 133 people died and 52 were injured by lightning strikes in Myanmar, making Myanmar the fourth most dangerous country in the world to be killed by lightning.

Watch and listen to the video and answer the question:

  • How many people are killed every year in US by lightning?

Read the notes below and identify keywords to help you keep track when listening.

Watch and listen again and complete the notes below with ONE WORD

Lightning is an incredible natural phenomenon

  • Common occurence in (1)________

  • Worldwide, lightning occurs 50 to 100 times every (2)_______

  • Mainly occurs in central Africa, Himalayas and South America

Scientists disagree on what causes electricial discharge

  • Occurs in downdrafts and updrafts of (3)________

  • Lighter particles - positively charged, heavier particles -negatively charged

  • When positive and negative are big enough - lightning is (4)________


  • contains 100 millions of electrical volts

  • lasts a fraction of a second

  • reaches (5)________ of around 50,000 degrees

  • extreme heat causes the thunderclap

In US, lightning happens most often in Florida due to the hot (6)_______ climate

On average 100 deaths in US, more than hurricanes or tornadoes

During a electrical storms, people should:

  • Shelter inside a (7)_______ or in automobiles

  • If outside, avoid (8)________ ground and isolated trees

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below.


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