Dependent prepositions

A dependent preposition is a preposition that usually follows the same expression or word. They are attached to the word that comes before them. Like a parent and a child, the small preposition goes 'hand in hand' with the bigger word.

For example, we say ‘interested in', we do not say 'interested on' or 'interested for'. So 'in' is a preposition the is attached to 'interested'. Similarly, 'to' is attached to 'listen'. It is a good idea to learn dependent prepositions with the words they are attached to, so for example; 'interested in', 'listen to', 'agree with'.

Look at the ten words below and identify the preposition that is usually attached to them.

  • listen

  • apply

  • care

  • complain

  • deal

  • focus

  • recover

  • rely

  • suffer

  • worry

When you are ready, complete the exercises in the sheet below:


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