Dogs and malaria

Research has demonstrated that people who have a malaria infection have a distinctive body odor and dogs have be trained to detect that with very high accuracy.

Watch and listen to the interesting BBC language video and note the FOUR PHRASES and WORDS and their MEANINGS highlighted in the video.

Watch and listen to the video again and answer the questions.

A) How many people are infected with malaria every year?

  1. more than 100 million

  2. over 200 million

  3. less than 200 million

B) Where is it expected that the dogs will work?

  1. airports

  2. villages

  3. shopping centres

C) When the children were disease free, how often did the dogs make an incorrect match?

  1. 1% of the time

  2. 10% of the time

  3. 70% of the time

D) The advantage of using dogs is that:

  1. they are more accurate that existing tests

  2. they are quicker than existing tests

  3. they are cheaper than existing tests

E) How many smell receptors are in a human's nose?

  1. 2 million

  2. 6 million

  3. 300 million

Enter your answers in the sheet below


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