Effective communication

In our online class we have been studying, thinking about and discussing aspects of communication. Last night, we discussed what we believed were some of the key elements of effective commmunication. From that discussion, the following words, phrases and idioms emerged.

the point / off track / mutual respect / establish rapport / where someone is coming from / active listening / mindful / abusive / give time

Complete the summary below using the words and phrases above.


  1. Do the easy ones first.

  2. Use your grammar knowledge to help you choose

It is critical when communicating with someone new to try and 1___________ because this is very helpful to understand 2 ____________. It is also important to be clear and concise when talking and try to stick to 3 __________. It becomes difficult for someone to understand us when we get 4 _________ and start talking about different topics. However, effective communication is not just about talking it also involves 5 ___________ and making sure that we 6 ________ for people to think and respond. Finally, good communication requires the people involved to have 7 ____________ for each other and be 8 __________ of what they say and how they respond. It is important, that even if people become 9 _________, we do not get angry or upset and remain calm and compassionate.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below

Now, please take a few minutes to listen to this wonderful Buddhist teacher talk about communication, in particular the importance of loving speech and deep listening.

Saddhu, saddhu, saddhu


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