hot headed or zealous?

I'm not sure about in other languages but in English we have a load of adjectives to describe personality traits.

While most students in Myanmar can use 'kind' and 'patient' to describe their friends or family members, this is not enough to get you a good IELTS score.

In the IELTS Speaking exam, you can get a number of questions that will ask you to describe someone. Maybe a teacher, a family member, a person you admire, a close friend. So, it is important that you know and are comfortable with a good range of personality adjectives.

The following adjectives were used by Intermediate level students, when they were asked to choose three adjectives to describe themselves.

Match the words on the left with the synonyms on the right.

  • There are three EXTRA adjectives

  • Use a dictionary if you need help

When, you're ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below


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