Endurance (n) = the ability to keep going. So, we talk about some athletes (e.g. marathon runners) having physical endurance because they can keep running and they can endure ([v]=manage, cope with) the pain and discomfort.

There is also mental endurance; this is the ability to deal with difficult situations that challenge us mentally or psychologically. Some people, for example extroverts, may require mental endurance to cope with being isolated in lockdown.

Listen to the story of one woman whose involvement in endurance sports (= sports which cause prolonged pain or suffering) helped her in her personal life.

Listen to this video carefully and complete the gaps below with NO MORE than TWO WORDS from the video.

My life is all about the outdoors and endurance sports. I do fell running, mountain-biking and long-distance marathon running. The mental and physical (1)________ of endurance sports is nothing compared to the relationship I had to endure.

It started when I was 17 and I met someone and at the time I just liked the idea of having a boyfriend but he was (2)________ putting me down which made me dislike myself. Instead of it being just emotional, he then became physically violent and (3)________ towards me.

At the lowest point of (4)_________ , I felt like I was nothing. I was ashamed, frightened, couldn't tell my family. I don't think they could actually do anything to help me.

My brother's always been (5)___________ to me and I've always admired the way he lives his life. I remember thinking if he died tomorrow he'd have no regrets but if I die tomorrow I'd regret everything. He knew I wasn't happy, so he (6)_________ that I had a go at mountain biking and said I should grab dad's bike and go out with his friends. So, that's what I did.

Going out for that first ride, I just felt the first time in a long time that I (7)_____. My passion for the outdoors grew. No matter what the conditions were, I was out there, for as long as I could be. It (8)________ gave me the strength that I'd be missing.

Being able to break out of that relationship was the hardest thing I've ever done. I can see now that I'm a (9)_________ different person and my life is completely different. I can't even begin to imagine what my life would be like if I didn't have mountain biking or running and with my family by (10)______ I can achieve anything I want.

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