Engineer Design Process

This is a great video, that gives an very clear and easy to understand explanation of the Engineering Design Process.

Before you watch the video, read the summary below and predict which words in the table fill the ten gaps in the summary.

Engineers design and build machines and 1_______________. There are many different kinds of engineers, each with a 2_________ focus but they all use the Engineering Design Process (EDP) for 3_______________. The EDP involves four 4___________, the first of which is 'Ask'. In this stage the engineer 5_______________ the problem. In the next step 'Learn More', the engineer needs to do 6_____________ and brainstorm in order to design potential solutions. The third stage 'Create' requires the engineer to build a 7____________ from the designs, so that tests can be carried out. In the 8_______________ stage, 'Improve', the performance of the prototype is 9_____________ and often engineers will learn from the 10__________ of the first design to create an even better one.

Once you've listened to the video and checked your predictions, enter you answers in the test form below.


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