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Free English courses

Change begats change”- this means that when one thing changes, other things also change.

So it is, that recent changes in Myanmar, have contributed to some changes at Jayzuubar.

In the near future, with a heart of love, tolerance, peace and empathy, I will be providing some online English language and development courses.

The three courses I will be offering are:

· INTAB2: Intermediate+ General English with IELTS examination training

· SCHOL1: For students who are planning to apply for Postgraduate study abroad

· PINT1: Crash course on the IELTS examination: expectations and practice

All courses will initially run for three months.

· They are free.

· There will be a maximum of 12 students in both the INTAB2 and SCHOL1 courses

· There will be a maximum of 6 students in the PINT1 course

If you are interested and want more information on any of the courses, then please click the link - COURSE INFORMATION


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