Getting a Scholarship: First steps

For many young civil servants in Myanmar, one of the principal attractions of the work is the opportunity to apply for scholarships to do further tertiary study, and for some, to study abroad.

So, if you are seriously planning to apply for a scholarship to study abroad, here is what you need to do:

  1. I know it sounds obvious, but you need to know which scholarship you are applying for. You need to have checked your eligibility (e.g. age, occupation, work area etc) to make sure you are a suitable candidate.

  2. You need to decide which academic institution (e.g. university) you are applying to.

  3. You need to know which course or programme of study you are enrolling in.

That's the first three, and if you are serious about applying, then perhaps you have already completed Steps 1 -3.

Step 4

This is the step where your level of English becomes important. You need to be able to articulate (= explain clearly) in English:

  • what it is that you want to know, or

  • discover, or

  • analyse, or

  • investigate, or

  • improve.

You need to be able to do this verbally and in writing.

You need to be able to explain what you are interested in, what it is that motivates you. What you are so passionate about, that you want to study in a foreign country and culture, away from your friends and family.

Step 5

Once you know what it is that motivates you to go abroad and study, then you need to be able to answer the question:

How will studying this course, at this university, help you to reach your goal or ambition?

So, you must complete Step 4 before you can do Step 5. You must know, and be able to articulate, what motivates you. What you goal or ambition is. And then, explain how your chosen course of study will help you achieve that goal.

Once you can do Steps 1- 5, you're over halfway to getting a scholarship!


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