Globalisation vocabulary

Globalisation simply means the increasing movement and exchange of human beings, goods and services, capital, technologies, cultural practice and ideas all over the planet.

Globalisation is having a huge impact on all countries and cultures in the world. It contributes to changes in the way we think, the way we live and the way we behave. As an English language student, you need to be able to talk about and understand globalisation.

Below are ten words and phrases that are often used when talking about globalisation.



trade barriers




cheap labour

cultural identity



Once you think you understand the vocabulary, complete the sentences below, with a word or phrase from the list.

  1. Due to globalisation and advances in technology, the world is more __________ that ever before.

  2. The huge increase in global interactions has caused a growth in international trade and the __________ of ideas and culture.

  3. One of the major concerns about globalisation is the impact it is having on the ________ of local people, especially in developing countries.

  4. Removal of cross-border ________ has made the formation of global markets more feasible.

  5. Nike, the biggest sportswear _________ in the world, has been accused of paying workers in SE Asia less than a living wage.

  6. Developments in telecommunication infrastructure, like the Internet, and mobile phones, have generated further __________of economic and cultural activities around the globe.

  7. Many global corporations operate ___________ in SE Asia, where manual workers are employed at very low wages for long hours and under poor conditions.

  8. The increased labour costs in China have resulted in some foreign firms exiting the country, in search of countries with ___________, like Myanmar and Philippines.

  9. Globalisation has undoubtedly led to the greater ________ of Western fast food, such as KFC chicken, burgers and pizzas.

  10. The __________ of global markets has liberalised the economies of many countries, therefore making international trade easier.

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