Hornbill saved in Yangon

Yangon, hornbill, rescue

When I was little, I wanted to be a vet when I grew up. I was always fascinated by animals and one of the birds I especially loved was the hornbill. I think because it seemed some exotic and colourful.

Well, I didn't become a vet, but I still love animals, which is one of the reasons I am vegetarian.

I was excited to read that some people had taken the time to rescue a hornbill than was recently roaming the streets of Yangon.

Read the article about the rescued hornbill and answer the nine short answer questions.

Be mindful of the instructions! You can use no more than THREE WORDS FROM THE TEXT in your answers, so read each question and think carefully before selecting the correct words.

  1. What was the bird probably trying to do when it hurt its wing?

  2. How many hornbills live in the wild?

  3. What is casque ivory used for?

  4. How long did the rescuers chase the bird?

  5. What is the bird unable to do?

  6. Who is allowed to own a hornbill?

  7. What is degrading and devastating the bird’s habitat?

  8. What discovered that there are six other hornbill species in Myanmar?

  9. Where do hornbills nest?

When you are ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below. And REMEMBER - check your MISTAKES - and learn from them!


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