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Idioms revision: let's get the ball rolling

Over the last six months, we've covered a few idioms here on jayzuubar, so now it's time to for a little bit of revision. So, let's get the ball rolling.

Below are eight sentences: think of an idiom to replace the underlined phrases.

  1. At our meeting, my supervisor told me immediately about the problems with the new technology.

  2. I know it was an almost impossible task and that I probably wouldn't be successful, but I decided to go ahead and try my best anyway.

  3. At the meeting, the Chairperson just kept talking and no one else was able to have a chance to speak about their ideas.

  4. After COVID-19, teaching and training is a completely new experience because of social distancing and wearing masks.

  5. The Committee has wasted a lot of time planning the building and we now need to get the process started before the rainy season.

  6. Globalisation is not really a balanced and fair situation because developing countries are dependent on more wealthy countries (e.g. USA and China) for support.

  7. The government had changed the regulations relating to immigration and now all migrants must have a special visa to travel domestically.

  8. In my opinion, for the negotiations to be successful, all the different groups need to be in agreement about the terms of the ceasefire.

Once you are ready, enter you answers in the sheet below.



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