A love of gaming

Read about my love of online gaming and identify the following statements as True, False or Not Given.

  1. I feel that I am similar to many girls in my country

  2. When I play Mobile Legends, I sometimes play as a Marksman hero

  3. Marksman heroes are critical to the success of the game

  4. To be successful, players must work together effectively

  5. When I played Clash of Clan (COC) I would often lose

  6. I was coached in how to play Mobile Legends by a friend in Dawei.

  7. Any gamer can make money from playing online games


I’m addicted to playing online games even though I’m a girl. Most Myanmar girls aren’t interested in playing games, but some play easy and funny games like Candy Crush. These games don’t feel like a real game to me. I really like online games because they are competitive and collaborative. There are many online games; PUBG Mobile, COC, Mobile Legend Bang Bang Game, etc. Among them, I like Bang Bang which is also known as Mobile legend (ML).

I like this game for so many reasons. First of all, it is not an individual game, it can only be played with a group. There are many roles in the game such as Tank, Assassin, Fighter, Marksman, Mage and Support. I always play in Mage Role because mostly the Mage hero uses special magic. Tank heroes are responsible for fighting the enemy heroes in front of the team while Marksman heroes are archers and they play a very important role in the battle. If the marksman heroes plays badly, the match will be lost for sure. Secondly, all the heroes have their own special skills and so gamers like me can choose the hero they like but it's important that the gamers know and understand the heroes’ skills and how to use it. Furthermore, there are also three lanes to go to the main towers and each lane also has small three towers. The players must destroy these towers and the team is declared the victor if they can destroy the main tower. Therefore, this game can only be won with a team’s unity. Finally, team members can speak to each other while playing, and I like being able to do this.

I was introduced to this game by my friends. I played Clash of Clan (COC), a different online game at first, but it was boring because I had to make a clan to make battle and then set a time to fight. If we were not free when it was time to start the battle, we might lose. Therefore, I started to look for another good game and finally I found Mobile legend (Bang Bang). At first, I played alone and joined a team randomly online. One day, I made a new friend accidentally in Dawei. What a coincidence! He also played Bang Bang and his rank was higher than me. So, we have talked about this game and sometimes we played together. He can control any of the heroes but mostly he picked Tank, the fighter. He taught me how to play and how to control the heroes.

The game takes at least thirty minutes to complete. I know it is a waste of time. Many young adults in Myanmar are addicted to this game, when they play, they don’t pay attention to their education, surroundings, family and friends. However, during this 21st century, business trends have changed and now we can make money by playing online games, but the players need to be professional in their respective games. The player can stream the game online while they are playing, and can receive the money. I believe that, in the IT age, we only need to be expert and professional in our area of interest, and we can have success in life.

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