Acid attack

A coalition of women’s activists are calling for justice after a 23-year-old student from Mon state was left badly disfigured in an acid attack in May 2016.
Activists call for justice after a 23-year-old Mon student was badly disfigured in an acid attack in May 2016

I was shocked to read about the recent acid attack on a young woman in Ayeyarwady region. I then learnt that there was another Myanmar woman attacked with acid in 2016. Physical attacks on other beings (women, men, children, animals) are always wrong, whether it is a slap, a punch or a beating, but the use of acid as a weapon is truly horrific.

Read the story about the female victim of the recent attack and complete the sentences below, with NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the reading.

  1. The victim has recently made a _____________________ to the police.

  2. She believes the assault was ___________________ by four people.

  3. The Police have agreed to file a ____________ under four sections of Myanmar’s Penal Code.

  4. The victim is hopeful that the court will deal with the case in a ____________________

  5. The victim was chatting with an _____________________ when she was attacked.

  6. After the attack, the victim was _______________________ and had a number of operations.

  7. The victim stated that ___________________ in the local area were unwilling to report the incident.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below


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