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An important conversation

This is one in a series of model IELTS Part 2 speaking answers. Other model answers can be found at Part 2: Model Answers. In this answer the students talk about the following topic:

Describe a conversation you had in the past which is very important to you. You should say:

  • with whom you had this conversation

  • what type of conversation it was

  • what you learned from it

  • why you consider it to be an important conversation

The student gives an excellent answer (IELTS 7) because she:

  • Speaks clearly at a good pace and with generally clear pronunciation

  • Discusses the four parts of the topic systematically (and concludes well)

  • Uses a good range of vocabulary (nervous, worried, supervise, implement, amazingly)

  • Uses 'natural' English ('a little bit', 'or not', 'about', 'even though', 'a lot')

  • Uses a range of grammar forms


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