Asian architecture

Most Asian architecture was influenced by ancient religions, and also incorporated a focus on the influences of nature, even being carved as tunnels out of mountainsides. Buildings often include large open pavilions to accommodate prayer or meditation in large groups and are likely to incorporate acoustic elements into their design.

Listen to the video and identify the four type of Asian architecture mentioned.

Read the statements 1 - 6 below.

Watch and listen to the video again and match the features with the four types of Asian architecture:

  • Chinese

  • Japanese

  • Islamic

  • South East Asian

  1. A number of religions have impacted on architectural design.

  2. Traditionally incorporated folk and legendary creatures in designs.

  3. Traditionally houses included a natural area for meditative pursuits.

  4. Stresses the importance of a building's location in relationship to natural features.

  5. Includes specific dome shapes to enhance religious practices.

  6. Architecture is not indigenous.

Research the meaning of the following vocabulary used in the video:

cement (v), iconic (adj), mythical (adj), symmetry (n), elevate (v), dome (n)

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below:


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