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Be more confident

I believe confidence is important. When learning English, becoming more confident is as important as becoming more skilled. The two support each other, as you get more confident you use your skills more (e.g. joining in a conversation, listening to music) and as you develop new skills (e.g. greater vocabulary range, more accurate pronunciation) you grow in confidence.

Listen to the video and complete the notes with NO MORE than TWO WORDS from the audio. Remember to identify the keywords before your start listening.

What is confidence?

  • A belief in self-esteem, optimism and courageous action

  • Confidence turns thoughts in 1___________

Factors that impact confidence

  • Genes, which will impact things like the 2__________ of neurochemicals in your brain.

  • How you are influenced and impacted by your environment

  • The choices you make and the 3_______ you take

A few practical tips

  • Imagine your 4__________when you're beginning a daunting task

  • Listen to music or strike a powerful pose

  • Believe in your ability to improve

  • People with a fixed mindset, may 5_________ when they're find something they are not very good at.

  • People with a 6____________ mindset are more successful

  • Practice failure (e.g. JK Rowling, the Wright Brothers)

  • People who fail regularly learn to try different 7_____________ and perservere

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below


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