Birth, growth and death

We cannot know the day on which we will pass away, however, almost of us can know the day of our birth, and this day becomes our birthday. Most of us celebrate a birthday party each year. Some people do merit (a good action) as the highlight of their birthday. However, an orphan cannot know their birthday. Some orphan homes (places where children without parents are cared for) celebrate the birthdays for the orphans on the day that they arrived in the orphan home.

Like an orphan, I do not really know which day is my birthday because my parents forgot my birthday. Although they wrote my birthday in a notebook, it was destroyed by insects. They could tell me only that I was born on a Sunday in March (Myanmar month-Tabaung). Anyway, this is not very important for my life.

People are born in different places and in different families. Some people are born in rich families and some in poor families. Some are born in western countries and some are in eastern countries. In any case, we are all lucky that we were born as human beings. All people are not different from others as we all are human beings.

How a person was born is not really important for them as well as for other people. Even if a person is an orphan, it is not important. What is important is how they are growing, how they are alive and where they are presently. We all need to emphasize only on growing well and doing well in the present, and finally, to die well.

A person does not need to be depressed or unhappy if they are in poor family or if they are orphans or disabled. Similarly, other people should not undervalue (look down on) them. We all need to try to grow well ourselves and to encourage other people in our surroundings to become better and better. We are not responsible (an obligation to do something) for our birth, but we are responsible for our growth and our death, and to become better.

Please watch the video above and complete the summary below, with ONE WORD from the video for each gap

Marshall Goldsmith believes there are six key 1___________________ in life. The first is health, which is important in the 2________________. Next, is wealth, which Marshall says is only important to a 3_________________. Thirdly, having 4 ___________________ relationships in life is vital. Fourthly, people need to feel they are 5____________________ a difference. They need a sense of achievement. Factors five and six, Marshall argues, need to be experienced 6______________________; these are happiness and meaning. Finally, Marshall says that what is considered happiness and meaning is not universal and we must 7____________________ these ideas for ourselves

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