Sakura Tower

One of the possible topics you will may need to talk about in IELTS Speaking Part 2 is to talk about a building in your country. The topic card will probably specify if this it a historical or a modern building.

Read the article about a modern building in Yangon and find the eight words with the following meanings:

  1. limited to a single person, group or category (paragraph 1)

  2. to decorate the appearance of something, especially with objects (paragraph 1)

  3. widely recognized and well-established (paragraph 1)

  4. empty space (paragraph 2)

  5. to withdraw something from use or service and keep in reserve (paragraph 2)

  6. astonishing and exciting (paragraph 2)

  7. a continuous area of land or water (paragraph 3)

  8. to continue to function or prosper (paragraph 3)

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below:


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