Catch up

A very common phrasal verb we use to describe spending time with friends is 'to catch up'. To 'catch up' means to meet (either in person or online) with someone and to find out what they have been doing since we last met with them. For example:

"Tomorrow, I'm going to catch up with my old friend from university".

We often also use perfect tenses (present, continuous, past) when we catch up with someone. This is because we often talk about things and events that have happened in the recent past. For example:

"What've you been doing lately?

"I've been busy. I've just finished an assignment which I'd been working on for weeks!"

Test your grammar skills. Read the description below and complete the gaps with the correct verb tense. NOTE: (7) is reported speech

I (1) _________ (catch up) with an old friend yesterday. I (2) _________ (not see) her for ages. We used to (3) __________ (work) together and before that we (4) _________ (be) at university together. I was great to see her. She (5) ___________ (just visit) the beauty salon and she (6) _________ (look) fabulous. She said she (7) ____________ (go) to the gym twice a week and it showed because she (8) ____________ (definitely lose) some weight. By the time we 9___________ (finish) our lunch, we ____________ (talk) for more than two hours!

When you are ready, enter you answers into the sheet below.


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