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Changes at work

Many people fear that robot automation ( to automate = to make a process or system be operated by machines) and AI (artificial intelligence) will replace human workers and traditional ways of working. This is mostly because robots and AI technology can work faster, longer and more cheaply that humans can.

Read the multiple choice questions below (keywords in the sentence stems have been underlined), and try and PREDICT the correct answer. Then watch and listen to the video about robots, technology and work. When you are ready enter your details and complete the listening test below .

Humans technological developments have made our lives easier and more productive but also resulted in ...

  • greater costs of man-made products

  • a reduction in work opportunities for workers in some fields

  • an over-supply of tools

During the industrial revolution many craft workers ...

  • lost their jobs

  • were no included in the revolution

  • were not supportive of the changes

In the past few years, a number of everyday jobs ...

  • have increased

  • have become more automated

  • have become less well paid

Due to globalisation, many businesses are

  • using foreign workers to reduce production costs

  • investing in overseas markets

  • using automated robots

Now, highly qualified jobs are also under threat

  • because of a massive growth in computer technology

  • mainly in the pharmaceutical industry

  • as more people are using mobile technology

In thirty years, computers will be

  • much more powerful than they are now

  • able to beat humans at chess

  • able to do a number of humanlike tasks

Machines are changing jobs in restaurants because

  • they can create new recipes

  • the can work without needing to stop

  • they can do multiple tasks

An Oxford University study states that worldwide, technology will replace

  • just over half of all jobs

  • over 700 million jobs

  • nearly half of all jobs

In the legal profession, jobs in America are threatened due to

  • contracts being agreed with foreign lawyers

  • the creation of new technological jobs

  • foreign lawyers being able to do work cheaper than American lawyers


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