Myanmar law change threatens wildlife

A recent change in the law in Myanmar, which will allow the commercial farming of tigers, pangolins and other endangered species has caused some concerns amongst environmental and conservation organisations.

Read the article about the law change and identify the statements as True, False or Not Given.

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  1. The government's decision to allow private zoos to apply for licenses in June, was widely publicised and promoted.

  2. The government's decision was anticipated by conservation organisations.

  3. The government believes law change will assist in the fight against the illegal trade in wildlife.

  4. Tigers are the most endangered species in Myanmar.

  5. Conservationists argue that commercial farming will have the effect of increasing the demand for rare wildlife products.

  6. Some people have expressed concerns that diseases, such as Covid-19 will emerge due to a lack of oversight and governmental control.

  7. Organisations such as CITES totally forbid the farming of endangered species.

  8. Other ASEAN countries, such as Thailand, Laos and Vietnam have banned the commercial farming of rare wildlife.

  9. The Government consulted with a number of stakeholders prior to making the change in law.

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