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Cunning coyote

The first in a series of folk tales from around the world. Different people, living in different places in different conditions create different stories or tales to explain their environment. For me, all these different stories and beliefs are wonderful for they show the breadth and depth of human imagination and creativity.

This folk tale is from the Native American people of America and it explains why the coyote (= a large wild dog) is so cunning (=clever, especially at playing tricks). Listen to the video and answer the two questions below:

  • Why is coyote the last animal to receive his bow?

  • Is frog's bow bigger or smaller than coyote's bow?

Watch and listen again and complete the sentences below with NO MORE than TWO words from the video.

  1. The final creature created by the god Kareya was ____________

  2. The longest bow would be given to the _________________

  3. Coyote ran around the world four times to become _____________

  4. Coyote was __________ when he went to get his bow from the man.

  5. Coyote became the angriest animal due to his ___________ about receiving the shortest bow.

  6. The god Kareya gave coyote the ____________ of cunning.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below


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