Cyberbullying Law in South Korea

Read the article about how cyberbullying is impacting on K-Pop idols and what action legislators in South Korea are planning to take.

When you are reading, complete the eight short answer questions below with NO MORE than THREE WORDS from the text.

  1. What will the new legislation require schools and private organisations to provide?

  2. What will be provided to organisations that educate their employees and students?

  3. What was the reason that Sulli often featured in headlines?

  4. Where did Sulli reveal her problems with depression?

  5. What is the reason for the current focus on the general problem of cyberbullying in South Korea?

  6. Which organisation conducted recent research into online abuse?

  7. During consulation what did many teachers say was needed?

  8. What does this bill focus on that is different to previous laws?

When you are ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below:


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