Energy efficient (adj) = using energy in an efficient way.

One way for buildings to become more energy efficient is to make more use of natural daylight, because when we use more daylight in a building, then we use less electrical light.

Watch and listen to the interesting video about making more efficient use of daylight in the design of buildings, and complete the summary with NO MORE than TWO WORDS from the video.

Daylighting refers to the 1___________of how sunlight enters a building. In the US, south-facing windows 2_______________ in the most light in winter and little direct sun in the summer. 3__________ and west-facing windows are not so good because during summer there is significant 4__________and heat. Light coloured 5___________are effective as they reflect light. Outside hoods around windows can reduce glare and 6___________ on summer heat, while electrochromic windows change with the 7________of the sun. Research has revealed that daylighting has an impact of productivity and 8_______________

When you're ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below.


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