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A song you like

This is the second in a series of posts about IELTS Speaking Part 2. The first was on the topic of:

In IELTS Speaking Part 2 you have to speak on a specific topic for about 90 - 120 seconds. The topics are numerous, but always follow the same format (see below). The examiner will give you one minute to make some notes before you have to speak.

There are some topics that you need to choose well before the exam and practice. This in one of them. You need to know which song you will talk about and how you will describe why you like it. Another reason it is a good idea to practice is because you want to show the examiner you can use a range of vocabulary and grammar.

Here is an example of a Band 7 - 7.5 answer to the topic below.

Talk about a song you particularly like. Say:

  • What the song is

  • What type of song it is

  • How the song makes you feel

  • Why you like the song

Listen (as many times as you like) to the answer to the topic and fill the gaps in the transcript with the missing words.

I'm going to talk about a song I especially like.

A song that I've been listening to quite a lot lately is 'Most People are Good' by Luke Bryan. It's a country song and it's also a ____________song.

Ahh …How does it make me feel? Well, it definitely makes me feel good about myself and about the world in general. For me, the song is very ____________. When I listen to it, it renews my faith in humankind. It’s a very __________ song that reminds me that actually, most people are good.

I like this song for lots of reasons. It has a very ___________tune and the singer’s voice is great, however the main reason I like this song is because of the ideas _________ by the songwriter in the lyrics. I find this song ___________, as I said, it reminds me of the goodness of __________. It is an extremely positive and ____________song and I like to listen to positivity.

Secondly, I think the song is extremely _________ The lyrics are easy to understand and the singer expresses his ideas simply and concisely. Most of all, I really like the words to the song. I think it's extremely well written, with great lines, like:

‘’I believe you love who you love, ain’t nothing you should ever be ashamed of’’

So, I like this song because it is a positive song that reminds me to believe in myself and to believe in other people, and to love them, and try not to __________ them, even if sometimes they do, or say, or think bad things.

When you have finished listening, enter your answers in the test sheet below.

If you are planning to sit the IELTS exam, you need to prepare and practice and answer to this topic. Listen to the recording again and notice the pauses in the speech. Remember to speak clearly and pause at the correct times when you are speaking.

If you would like to listen to this wonderful song, the video (with lyrics) is below.


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