Dislike of travelling

Most people like to travel. Exploring and experiencing different cultures broadens our minds and often makes us realise the very cultural nature of our own beliefs and values. We can see new and wonderful things, meet people very different to ourselves and eat food that we have never seen or tasted before.

But, not everybody likes to travel. Listen to a student’s answer to an IELTS Speaking Part 3 question in which she discusses why some people dislike travelling. This is a very good model answer with the student giving three reasons why some people dislike travel.

Listen and identify the three reasons she states that some people do not like travelling.

Listen again and complete the summary with ONE WORD for each gap from the listening.

Some people do not like to 1___________for a journey so they 2_____________ travelling. Others, especially business men dislike travelling because of the 3__________, which they see as related to both travel and 4____________. Travelling can cause a businessman to 5_______________ his business. Thirdly, some people dislike meeting many people and being in 6____________ situations and are also reluctant to 7____________their behaviour to fit in with travel companions.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below.


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