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Can eating less meat save the environment?

Many people are concerned about the environment and the problems of global warming and climate change. Some people have argued that one of the more simple actions that people can take to help reduce global warming is to eat less meat.

Listen to the BBC podcast which examines some of the issues relating to eating meat and complete the summary below

Complete the summary with ONE WORD from the list below for each gap.

fight / serving / measures / flexitarians / diets / luxury / plant-based

A combination of ____________ are needed to save the environment. One of these is changing our _________, for example eating less meat and more _________ foods which is believed to be not only good for our health but also a way to ________ climate change. People who have adopted a 'less meat' diet are called '_____________' because they are flexible about their diet. They believe that eating meat should be considered a ________ part of our diet and that we should not eat more than one _____________ of red meat per week.

When you are ready, enter your answers into the sheet below.


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