What makes an effective advertisement?

So what exactly makes an ad effective? Why are some ads winners and others are just boring and ineffective. Below are ten characteristics that make for a strong advertisement.

It’s personalized

It’s ethical

It’s persuasive

It’s an investment

It’s part of a plan

It’s targeted

It’s promotional

It’s original

It’s creative

It’s consistent

Skim read the article below and match the ten characteristic to the paragraphs.

Remember: When matching headings, do the easy ones first


1 ____________

At its core, advertising is a form of communication that aims to publicize a product or service and encourage sales. Advertising focuses on influencing purchasing habits. A good advertisement is promotional in nature, although sometimes this promotion can be more or less subtle.

2 ____________

To achieve its main objective (to increase sales of a product or service), advertising must convince consumers that the product or service is better than the competition. Effective advertising is able to assure that its product can solve a consumer’s need or improve the consumer's life in some way.

3 ____________

The most visible side of advertising is undoubtedly that of the creative features (like TV spots or social media ads), but behind a campaign there is also a lot of strategy. A strong advertising strategy should be framed within the general marketing plan.

4 ____________

In the past, advertising relied on mass media such as radio and television to reach as wide an audience as possible. Effective advertising in today’s world is aimed at specific and segmented audiences. The more focused your advertising is on a particular audience, the more effective it can be

5 ____________

Advertising campaigns require an investment of time, resources and, of course, money.

A good ad campaign will contribute to increase the company's profits, and this benefit should exceed the invested cost.

6 ____________

Consumers are exposed to hundreds of ads a day in different formats. Effective advertising stands out from the competition by using unexpected and innovative formats and resources. 7 ____________

Videos that tell stories, shocking images, unforgettable speeches, catchy jingles... Effective ads use creativity to stand out. The best ads manage to surprise users, move them to action, or become instantly memorable.

8 ____________

Truly great ads stay faithful to the brand and the values associated with it. Generally, a single ad can’t achieve this goal. Therefore, a key aspect of advertising is to seek consistency.

Ideally, each consumer within the target audience should receive enough impact to remember the brand and its message, but not so much that it becomes annoying or saturated.

9 ____________

Truly effective ads are increasingly individualised on the characteristics and needs of a particular user. For example, e-mails with specific content that is activated when a user performs a certain action are a great example of how personalization can be used in advertising.

10 ___________

Because of its persuasive power, advertising should be controlled to prevent misleading or unfair campaigns. It is also essential that advertisers and agencies take responsibility for their ads. In the end, honest and clean advertising reflects the values of the advertiser and contributes to improving its brand image.

Full article by By Dany Ortiz, at https://www.cyberclick.net/numericalblogen/10-characteristics-of-effective-advertising

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