Enjoy your life

Everything has an intrinsic (= essential and natural) value as well as everyone has individual abilities and values. Most of us rarely undertake self-observation, therefore, we do not notice the importance of our role, our own abilities and the value of these. Sometimes, we are depressed and unsatisfied with our life as we are not aware of the significance of our role.

We sometimes focus on and are impressed by other people’s roles. We need to impress other people as well as we also must know who we are and our value. Awareness of our significance and loving our own intrinsic nature can improve us and gift us with self-confidence, satisfaction and happiness in a long life.

This short-animated film gives a message about knowing our individual role and enjoying our life.

Read the summary about “the river and the mountain” and fill the eight gaps with the adjectives below.

permanent delighted upset negative

significant weary endless individual

A river feels __________ with her life because she thinks her life is unstable and she is____________ of her____________ moving. She is impressed by other things with ____________ conditions, so she asks a mountain for some advice. The mountain highlights the____________ role she plays in life and explains about her abilities. Then, the mountain expresses his own ____________ feeling about his motionless life. Finally, both of them are able to see the value of their___________ roles and they feel ___________ again with their lives.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the test sheet below.


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