Environmental Justice

As in other developing countries, Myanmar’s environmental problems are linked to its growing population and its need for economic development. Deforestation is a strong contributing factor to the dwindling biodiversity in tidal forests and elsewhere, with the main reasons for deforestation being excessive cutting to make way for agriculture and mining.

Read the IELTS style questions below and identify keywords and any synonyms. When you have done that, read the the article about mining in Tanintharyi region.

Questions 1 - 5.

Identify the statements as True, False or Not Given

  1. Three farmers in Tanintharyi Region will be compensated by the Dawei District Court

  2. There have been problems reported by local farmers since the mining first began.

  3. The Tanintharyi farms were destroyed due the depositing of sediment on farmland.

  4. Local farmers are disadvantaged due to limited access to legal services.

  5. A Thai journalist who reported on the situation in Tanintharyi was found guilty of defaming MPC.

Questions 6 -10

Complete the sentences with NO MORE than ONE WORD from the reading text

6. A 2019 United Nations report revealed that the ___________ of environmental laws is a problem.

7. There is a perception that civil society organisations are ________________.

8. It can cost tens of millions of dollars to __________ a creek

9. Local communities are paying to remedy problems because governments do not _______ companies that are causing pollution.

10. Both the mining companies and the local farmers have _________ the courts decisions.

When you are ready, enter your answers in the sheet below


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