Fashion tips for petite women

'Petite' (/pəˈtiːt/) is a French word that we use in English to describe a person's appearance. Petite = small and short. So, from a European point of view, many women in Myanmar are 'petite'. The video below gives some tips for petite women who are choosing to wear western style clothing.

Watch and listen to the video and complete the notes below with ONE WORD from the listening. You can listen as many times as you need to.

1. Stick to a high waist

  • Gives the illusion of an enlongated body

  • You can choose jeans, shorts or (1) ________

  • Emphasises waist and creates a taller figure

2. Always cuff long sleeves

  • Highlights shape instead of height

3. Choose vertical stripes

  • Long lines draw the eyes up and down

  • Make your body look (2) ______

4. Avoid thick belts

  • Make you look shorter

  • Make sure you belt is a (3)______ one

5. Wear V-necks

  • Tops with plunging V-neck lines are a staple in your wardrobe

  • Opens up the (4)______ and elongates the neck

6. Stick to a monochrome look or keep tones similar

7. Go all black

  • Wear one colour from (5)_______ to toe

8. Maxis aren't petite-friendly

  • Flaunt your legs wearing a mini-skirt and cute top

9. Take your wide-leg trousers to the floor

  • High-waist, wide-leg trousers are widely acceptable

  • Make sure they (6)______ the floor

10. Wear pointy pairs

  • Pointy shoes add length to overall leg line

  • Means more visual (7) ______

11. Keep your bag small

  • Keep your accessories proportioned to your body

  • Choose small accessories, including a bag

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