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Food vocabulary #1

It’s a good idea to have a sound vocabulary relating to food, eating and health. Food related topics will often come up in all four parts of the IELTS exam. Below are ten basic words related to food that you should know.

  1. appetite

  2. balanced diet

  3. consume

  4. dairy

  5. diet

  6. full

  7. nutritional value

  8. processed food

  9. snacks

  10. takeaways

Use the words above to complete the extract below:

Most people know that the two main factors that contribute to a healthy lifestyle are exercise and 1___________. It is critical that people eat a 2_______________ which means they should 3__________ a combination of different food groups. These include vegetables, fruit, grains and 4__________ (for example, yoghurt, cheese and milk). To be healthy, people should try not to eat too much 5 _____________ , that is food that has been altered during preparation as this can reduce the food’s 6_______________. Also, it is important not to eat 7 _________ between main meals as these can make us feel 8 _______ and spoil our 9___________. Finally, 10 ____________ should be keep to a minimum and people should prepare meals at home as much as possible.

When you are ready, to check your score, enter you answers in the form below.


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